The boil water advisory for Birch Drive and lower end of Spruce Drive has been lifted.

                                                              SNOW CLEARING

No person shall park a vehicle on any side road or any area generally used or intended for the use by pedestrians. The shoveling, pushing, depositing or piling of snow on any road or street or the right of way of any road or street within the Municipal Boundaries is not permitted. No person shall park any motor vehicle on any road or street between the hours of 12 midnight and 8 am. 


                      Covid-19 Virus Prevention Announcement

Town Office:

The town office is open to the public from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Please note signs on door to for Social Distancing and Questions to read before entering.   Maximum 2 persons in office at one time. 

In case of an “Emergency” please call 709-649-0039.

Tax Payments:

Residents are encouraged to make payments without visiting the Town Office.  Payments can be sent by mail (cheque/money order),  on-line banking, e-transfer to or credit card payment over the phone (643-5281)

Public Events:

All Public Council Meetings will be Virtual Zoom Meetings until further notice.  Meetings will be live streamed on Town's Facebook Page.

All community events at the Community Center will be Cancelled until further notice.  No one is to use the Community Center unless approved by the Town Manager. 

Please use Social Distancing when outside your Home.