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Stephenville Search and Rescue:

The testing site for COVID 19 in Stephenville is located at the Stephenville Dome. This service is by appointment only. To utilize this service, follow these steps please:

1) If you feel sick or are concerned due to travel or exposure to the virus, contact 811 directly. They will walk you through the process of what to do and set an appointment if deemed necessary.

2) If an appointment is set for you, only show up at your designated appointment time. Have your MCP card with you and the information package if provided.

3) When you show up, you will be stopped at a checkpoint for this information to be verified. The search and rescue person will be maintaining 8 feet of distance from the vehicle as per guidelines. Do not get out of the vehicle and approach the truck or member. If you do not have an appointment, you will be turned away. If you have an appointment but no MCP card, you will be turned away to retrieve it. You will be asked your name, appointment time, if you have your Mcp and an information package.

4) Once you clear the first checkpoint, a second search and rescue member is located near the Dome and will guide you into the area marked with gates and pylons to a stop.

5) Finally, once parked in front of the buildings main entrance, follow all instructions given to you by the medical staff. They are very friendly and they know what they're doing.

Stephenville Search and Rescue protective process. Follow the guidelines and it's quick in and quick out. Thank you everyone for your patience and cooperation.