In Them Days was a summer project funded by the Student Employment/Experience Development (S.E.E.D) government program. While every attempt was made to ensure that the information gathered was accurate, much of the information was passed on by word of mouth, and as a result inaccuracies maybe present. The opinions expressed are those of individuals, and are not meant to generalize to the population as a whole. Many thanks to all those people whom contributed in anyway to this project.

This document was produced in July 4, 1988 - August 26, 1988.

Introduction Captain Kippen Where Did We Come From?
The French in Kippens The Early Settlers Schooling
A Memorable Day Farming Superstitions
Housework Weather Forecasting Churches
Home Remedies Employment American Air Force Base
Population 1921 Census Amalgamation
Whaleback Senior Citizens Club Kippens Town Council Kippens Library
The Town Crest Bibliography Contact List
Acknowledgements and Credits Kippens Womens Institute