Garbage and Refuse Rules for Neat Streets and a Clean Community

Containerized Sanitation Limited provides garbage and refuse collection to residents every Tuesday starting at 8am unless a stat holiday at which time it will be moved to the next business day. Garbage bags and bundles shall be placed for collection in front of the premises at the curb or street line no earlier than 7:00am on the day designated for collection.This level of service cannot be kept without your cooperation. Please follow these simple rules to help rules to help keep crews on schedule in every season and under every weather condition.

Household Refuse Containers: A container is defined as: an opaque polyethylene plastic bag of 1.5 gauge thickness fastened at the top or a securely-tied compact parcel of paper, cardboard or clippings, not exceeding 3 feet by 2 feet in dimensions and 50 pounds in weight.

All paper, newspaper, carboard and magazines are recyclable shall be flattened out and securely tied with strong twine or rope in convenient bundles. These bundles can be dropped off at Nova Recycling on the Hansen Highway in Stephenville. 

Small Plastic supermarket, shopping bags, kitchen catchers and cardboard cartons are not considered suitable containers.

Up on ten containers are permitted for collection.

Garbage containers placed inside garbage bins or receptacles will not be picked up by the Town's garbage and refuse collection crew.

Animal Repellent on Bags: To discourage animals/birds from tearing open garbage, it is suggested that garbage bags be covered with a blanket or netting.

Harmful Chemical such as chlorine bleach should not be used as they may cause serious injury to employees.

Sharp Objects (Hypodermic Needles and Broken Glass): Hypodermic needles must be placed in a puncture proof container before being put in the garbage. Broken glass must be packaged in such a manner that the glass does not protrude through the container (e.g. cardboard box, cardboard milk container). The container must be marked "Broken Glass".

Liquids: No liquids are permitted to be placed for collection. Problems are encountered when paint, oil or liquid animal waste, for example, are illegally placed in garbage bags. When the container is crushed by the garbage truck, the contents could be sprayed over the collector or leak onto the street, causing a pollution hazard. As well, the possibility of fire exists in the case of flammable liquids.

Bulk Refuse: collection of bulk refuse such as appliances, hot water tanks, chairs shall be during our annual spring clean-up only and at such times and upon such terms and conditions as the Council may determine having due regard to availability of manpower and equipment. These items shall be placed for collection in front of the premises at the curb or street line.

PLEASE NOTE: A contractor doing work at your house (such as installing siding, reroofing, etc.) is responsible for removing all debris and properly disposing of the material.

Illegal Dumping: Unauthorized dumping of garbage, refuse, bulk items, yard debris or construction materials on public or private properties is illegal and can bring strict penalties.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kippens Town Office at (709) 643-5281