Council Members

On behalf of all the residents of Kippens, we, the town council extend a warm welcome to all visitors to the town of Kippens.

Enjoy the hospitality of the town's residents.

Visit the town's recreation site off Oceanview Drive, bring your family, enjoy our family picnic site, walk the many Hiking Trails.

The town hall is quick and easy way to find the contract person that you are looking for. We have outlined our upcoming budget and have provided a copy of our minutes from our meetings so you, our residents can see how we are serving our community.

 Debbie Brake-Patten, Mayor  
 Leon Benoit, Deputy Mayor  
 Tim Alexander, Councillor  
 Shawn Boyd, Councillor  
 John Dawson, Councillor  
Wayne Howlett, Councillor  
Heather Shears, Councillor